Here comes the season of celebrations!

In the world of festivities and celebrations, the name to remember to make your dream celebration a reality is Lovely Bridal Decorators.

Simple, Best, Timeless and Priceless that is your:



Chalady House,


Kochi - 17

Phone: 0484 - 2341026

We employ mesmerizing styles of flower arrangements, brilliant flower color combinations, your choice of colorful curtains and the latest designs in the world of decorations!

Our technicians are world class. We use cutting-edge technology and designs in all our works. When your dreams and our expertise converge, your celebrations become timeless, memorable and eternal!

Our technicians and decoration specialists reach you wherever your celebrations are held. Efficiency, promptness and your satisfaction are our hallmark and guarantee!

Lovely Decorations has been conveniently located at the heart of the city of Kochi. We have been serving our customers for the past several years. Our products are simply the best, timeless and priceless!


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